Dec 13

How to Use WordPress As A Content Management System Or CMS

Many individuals are interested in using WordPress beyond the typical blog set-up. It is possible to use WordPress as a content management system referred to as a CMS. However, most people don’t even know where to begin or how to start doing this.

The intention of the WordPress design is solely to be used as a blogging tool, so in order to change and alter its purpose and function you will need to design it so that it works in a very different way. This can be done through the use of correct and specific chosen plugins or enhancements. You need to have a clear idea of what exactly you want to achieve with your WordPress CMS page before choosing the plugins you will install.

A step-by-step explanation of how to choose and install these plugins is too detailed for this article. However, we can explore the ways WordPress can be used.

You can use WordPress as a content management system by creating an article directory. If you want to make your WordPress page into an article directory, you will need to install a special plugin. A great tool to use for this job is MyArticleMaker.com. Articles on this site are “human-approved and they also encourage free distribution of their articles to other article sites. Once you set up the WordPress plugin, you will also have to register to be included on Article Makers mailing distribution list. You will fill out a brief form, which will help to narrow down which types of articles you wish you receive. You will automatically qualify to receive both old and new articles submitted to MyArticleMaker.com. The only downside to using WordPress as an article directory is that you’ll only be able to receive syndicated articles. Authors will not be able to sign-up or create an account directly through you because this is against Terms of Service agreement.

You can also use WordPress as a content management system by building a membership site. With WordPress you will have the option and ability to set-up either a free or paid membership site. Only a few simple plugins are required to get you started. Once these plugins have been installed, members will login to your site in order to view any content. You have the ability to place a login form in your WordPress theme files in order to make it more accessible for users to log in and out of your membership site. These plugins, while effective, will only give you basic results. If you are looking to create a membership site that includes different levels of membership and more advanced features, you should look into a professional membership system. You can then use their plugins to integrate with your WordPress page. While you will have to pay for these more advance plugins, they are available at a reasonable price and their support team will install the plugins themselves so as to avoid any technical setbacks or difficulties.

Another way of using WordPress as a content management system is to develop a classified advertisement system. WordPress can work exactly like any other classified ads website. Users will be able to sign-up on your site and then place classifieds in the form of new blog posts. They can even set expiration dates for their posts and specify listings or “wanted ads.To do this, you will need to create the individual and specific categories and create a sign-up information page. This will allow you to teach your users how to properly post ads to your site. There are also benefits to using WordPress as a classified ads system. You can utilize tagging tactics to increase site traffic from social bookmarking sites and sites such as Technorati.com.

Further more, you can use WordPress as a content management system by creating an audio or video training site. In order to do this, you can first use membership plugins, as mentioned above, to create a membership site. Next, you can add the Podpress plugin to add audio and video elements to your page. Podpress will allow you to display and stream MP3 audio or FLV video with built-in players they provide. This is a really robust plugin that will allow you to specify settings on iTunes so that you can make this commercially available to the whole iTunes and iPod community at large.

Clearly, there are a wide variety of possibilities in regard to how you can use your WordPress site to work optimally for your needs. I have created and entire video training system. This system is ideal for newcomers and advanced marketed alike to help you master WordPress. Every day brings about new and exciting ways of using WordPress as a content management system or CMS!